Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Be Still and Know

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is upon us.  We look so forward to Christmas that we find stores decorated in October, hear yuletide songs in November and start our Christmas shopping 364 days before Christmas at the after-Christmas sales.  We are in such a hurry for Christmas to get here - making cookies, writing cards, wrapping gifts, going on visits - that even though our intentions are good, we forget the meaning behind it all.  We fail to reflect on a baby - a baby! - born for us, so that we might find rest in the rush.

And so I've had a song lyric or two running through my head.  The first one, I don't even know the whole song, but remember the line straight from Matthew 11:28 - "Come unto me, all who are weary, and I will give you rest."

And the other one is a favorite  - "Word of God speak" -you know the one.  It says:

Word of God speak
Would you pour down like rain
Washing my eyes to see your majesty
Please let me stay and rest in your holiness

It wasn't all that long ago that I wasn't familiar with Psalm 46:10, but now, I feel it speaking to me.  "Be still and know I am God." 

So, this Christmas, while you're hurrying around and worried that you've forgotten something, please, just take a moment.  Be still and know.


  1. Oh dear that wisdom is sooooo needed this time of year....♥

  2. We truly need to be still in order for us to hear God, because he speaks in a still soft voice.

  3. Yes, He speaks in a still, small voice........

  4. My parents encouraged me with this verse when I was going through a rough time in University.

  5. I love that song - it's so beautiful! My kids and I are finding time everyday to remember why we celebrate Christmas. We're reading through Luke 2 in our advent calendar. I'm a new follower from the CAST team on Etsy.

  6. Love this post!! I have Just Be Still on my wall lol! Thanks so much for the great reminder!

    Have a safe Holiday and Merry Christmas!

    Stopping by from the CASTTeam midweek blog blitz!


  7. I too have been focusing on being still and hearing that still small voice this year. It is amazing how he meets you half way if you make the effort!

  8. Beautiful, thank you and Merry Christmas. Blessings Niki x