Friday, October 7, 2016

September Sewing Round-Up

In September I decided I needed to choose a designer each month and dedicate myself to sewing up patterns I hadn't ever made by that particular designer.  I have this tendency to see a new pattern and say, "I NEED this pattern in my life."  I buy it, download it, and file it away in Dropbox.  I may or may not actually make something with that pattern within the first few months of acquiring it.

I designated September as the month to sew up at least five patterns from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop that I hadn't made yet.

First up was the Violet.  This comes in dress and tunic lengths and has three sleeve length options.
Next, I made the Twist & Shout Dress.  This pattern can be made as a top or a dress, and has single and double skirt options, multiple back views.  My daughter chose the simple back, double-skirt version, so that it would be dress-code compliant.  She even wore it to her roller-skate birthday party.
After that, I sewed up the Tatum Twirl Dress.  I even blogged about it here.
Next up was a two-fer - I made this adorable outfit for MY NEW GRANDBABY (yeah, that happened in September, too!) using the Lullaby Line Bodysuit & Lap Tee pattern and the Lullaby Line Pants & Shorts pattern.  I hadn't made anything so tiny in a long time!  I used these same fabrics to make mama the Sun Kissed Tee with the maternity add-on.
Since the baby pants were such a quick sew, I decided to add a sixth pattern to my September goal.  I didn't quite finish it in September (due to above-mentioned baby's arrival, which trumps sewing for sure!), but since I'm not facing any deadlines, that's ok.  The last September sew was the dress version of the Poppy Polo.  I think my favorite part of making this dress was when my daughter said, "Mommy, the top part feels like a school girl dress, but the bottom part makes me feel like a princess."
And if sewing up six new patterns wasn't enough, I sewed up two old stand-bys when my daughter needed something green to wear on "Team Color Night" at church.  (How was there not a stitch of green clothing in her wardrobe?!)  Thankfully, I had some green fabric in my stash and knew that the Little Miss Sunshine Tee and the School's Out Shorts are both super quick sews.
Now I'm moving onto October, and am sewing up patterns by another designer before my daughter outgrows them all!

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